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NW Trials

"Seats are for lazy people"

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Web Store

Trialtech Carthy Signature Series Bar Tape

$8.00 $12.95

- Lightweight bar tape used and approved by world Champion Jack Carthy!

- Thin foam padding helps absorb impacts and give greater comfort whilst riding.

- Rubberised outer material gives good grip in all conditions.

- Adhesive backing allows you to stick the tape onto your bars to prevent movement.

- Altering the amount of overlap during fitting allows the thickness to be changed to suit personal preference.

- Available in Black or White with embossed Carthy Signature Series logo.

- Supplied as: 2 x rolls of bar tape, 2 x adhesive strip and 2 x plastic bar plugs printed with Trialtech logos.

- Weight: 34g (full kit)

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